2006_10_ftrain.jpgYesterday, the NY Post revealed that transit police were allegedly told to "stop all black teens" at the 7th Avenue subway station in Park Slope, in order to find suspects who fit the description of robbers targetting the stop. The uproar made Police Commissioner Ray Kelly say that it wasn't racial profiling but a "misunderstanding": "[Captain Michael Vanchieri] gave a description of those individuals and asked if anyone sees them, if anyone matches that description, to stop and speak to them. We have a procedure for that. It was specific to those three individuals."

But the Daily News interviewed about a third of the officers (five of the 12-15 present) who were present at Vanchieri's briefing, who said:

"All black men were to be stopped - no description other than that. So some 30- to 40-year-old man who had every right to be at the station - he'd get frisked too." - A white officer

"Everybody was totally shocked. It was very clear. Stop and question and frisk. But no description of who we were looking for - just male blacks." - A black officer

And the white officer also told the Daily News, "The captain said the descriptions of the [suspects] vary a lot, so we were to stop all black males at the station, stop and frisk them because 'they have no reason being there.'" Hmm, doesn't sound like much of an "misunderstanding" -unless "misunderstanding" means, "Don't think this is profiling."