The suspension of Bronx precinct commander Michael DeBellis has made Commissioner Ray Kelly concerned. DeBellis was taken off the job after a subordinate cop alleged he made lewd comments and propositioned her. The Post reports that Commissioner Kelly "reminded borough commanders to avoid any appearances of impropriety with their subordinates."

The DeBellis case is still being investigated. Some have said DeBellis's "sexual banter" with officer Robin Hightower was consensual and routine while Hightower says otherwise. She told the Daily News about various incidents, including one where DeBellis "dropped his pants and began performing a lewd act as he asked her to unbutton her blouse."

Kelly's point was that "whatever the truth, the charges highlight the need for supervisors to remain professional at all times with their charges." And the Bronx DA said that while DeBellis's office pants-dropping was lewd, it did not constitute public lewdness because "it didn't happen in a public place. It was in the privacy of an office."