Starbucks rarely fails to provoke strong opinions among a group of people, even including its employees. Earlier today we posted on a barista who sent a memo to the company's corporate HQ to express her displeasure with a new policy of identifying beverages made with skim or low-fat milk and artificial sweetener as Skinny. Our readers weighed in with their own opinions on the matter. Reader msk actually encountered a group of Starbucks baristas baffled by the new Skinny terminology.

I actually saw Starbucks employees in a conference about this term yesterday -- the register person used the code "Skn" on a cup and totally threw the barista for a loop, so the whole place came to a halt while they had to debate what a "Skinny" drink was, etc. I wanted to point to the sign over their heads which gave instructions as to how to make a Skinny drink, but it was funnier to watch them flip out. Apparently someone missed the instructional Skinny meeting... :) Reminds me of when Crunch changed the name of the Sculpt class to "Chisel." :)

One can get the full Skinny on the comment thread here.

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