phpjBvPRaAM.jpgEarlier this year the City Council passed a bill requiring stores over 5,000 square-feet to offer recycling for plastic bags, as well as have bins where bags can be returned. Now the NY Post is reporting that Mayor Bloomberg has proposed a charge of 5-cent per plastic bag for shoppers who choose to use them (over, say, their own reusable grocery bags). "The plan - which may need approval from the state Legislature if it's determined to be a tax - may include charging shoppers 6 cents, with a penny going to stores as incentive for collecting the new tax," the paper reports--all in all it's a move that could bring in around $16 million for the city. While some cheered on the idea, others expressed concerns, and a Harlem bodega owner noted that "It may work at the bigger stores, but it won't work for bodega. People want free bags all the time."