A Brooklyn comedian who slipped and fell into the path of an oncoming B train plans to sue the MTA for damages. Liza Dye, 25, has filed a notice of claim announcing her intent to sue over the incident, which occurred at the Broadway-Lafayette station in February. Although an NYPD spokesperson said Dye was texting on her cell phone on the edge of the southbound B platform when she fell, her attorney vigorously denies this.

“[It] makes little sense considering there’s no cellphone service underground," Dye's attorney, Jeffrey Schietzeit, tells the NY Post, adding that he has subpoenaed the MTA for security camera video of the platform. "The video’s going to tell a lot. If the video gives rise to liability, then we will evaluate our options from there in terms of beginning a lawsuit, but as of now we haven’t seen it."

Dye maintains that construction and a wet platform caused her tumble onto the tracks, where she was run over by the first car of the B train, sustaining serious injury to her legs. According to the lawsuit, her left leg is still not functioning normally after nine operations, and the suit also blames the train's operator for not stopping in time.

Dye had no health insurance, but managed to raise over $70,000 at fundraisers to help cover her medical expenses, and the Post reports that she's currently recovering with her mother in South Carolina, where she tweets a lot.