Comcast, in an apparent effort to enact revenge on a city that successfully spurned its now-dead merger with Time Warner Cable, has renamed 30 Rockefeller Center, "The Comcast Building." And if it's not painful enough to have one of the city's most iconic buildings christened after one of the world's worst companies, the skyscraper will be adorned with a GIANT LIT-UP "COMCAST" SIGN. We rejected your cable, Comcast, but somehow you've still managed to tower over us all.

Indeed, a press release from NBC Universal today announced that starting tonight, our skyline will be branded with 12-foot-tall COMCAST letters, coupled with an 11-foot tall NBC peacock. 12 FEET OF COMCAST. IN THE SKY. FOREVER.

"The signage utilizes custom energy-efficient LED lights that mimic the exposed neon look of previous 30 Rock rooftop signs," the release chirps, well aware that these custom energy-efficient lights are naught but scars seared into our sky, providing an eternal reminder of that time you had to pretend you were dead so Comcast would finally cancel the cable in your college apartment.

As for the official renaming, lest you fear 30 Rock will be rendered obsolete by future generations, 30 Rockefeller is technically just the building's address—it was originally dubbed the RCA Building in 1933, and renamed the GE Building when General Electric purchased it in 1988. Those names have largely been ignored, so hopefully we can continue that tradition on today.