No watches, no warnings, no advisories, no nothing: the weather forecast for today is about as uneventful as forecasts get. The most notable aspect of today's weather is that the high should reach the mid 70s, which is ten degrees warmer than normal for Columbus Day.

To get today's mild, dry air we need a high pressure system to be centered just to the southwest of the city and that is exactly where one is located this morning. That high is going to be buffeted by two storms tomorrow. First up is a low moving up the coast. That storm will get close enough to bring on the clouds late tonight and into the day tomorrow but the high should keep the rain east of the city. Tuesday's temperature will top out in the lower 70s.

The second storm will pass far north of the city but it will drag a cold front across the region tomorrow evening. The timing isn't right for that front to produce much precipitation, but we can expect cooler weather once the front passes. Wednesday's high should reach the upper 60s while Thursday and Friday are expected to be the normal of 65 degrees. Another attempt at rainfall heads our way on Friday.