2006_10_columbusday.jpgToday is Columbus Day, and since it's a federal, state and local holiday, there are many closings. Public schools and public offices are closed. There is no mail delivery, but the James Farley Post Office at Eighth Avenue and West 33rd Street is open. There's no garbage or recycling pick up or street cleaning. Things that are open: The stock market and many offices (based on the grumblings we've heard).

The Parade will start at noon on Fifth Avenue at 44th Street, walking up Fifth to 79th Street. And the debate of whether Columbus is worthy of a holiday and parade continues, but what we're just glad subways and buses are running on a weekday schedule.

The Parks Department has different activities for children on Columbus Day. And the Christopher Columbus statue in front of the NY State Court Building was actually left in storage from 1869 till 1934 when it was found in a Central Park maintenance shed.