We have a long-standing policy to stay the hell away from roving gangs of pimple-pinched teenagers. And for the most part, as long as we steer clear of places like the Cube at St. Marks and the mall at the Atlantic Center, that's been working out great for us! But these hooligans have slowly been encroaching into taxpaying citizen's spaces in Columbus Circle, with their skateboards and their eight tracks, and people are none too pleased to have to deal with these pubescent flies!

From January through March this year, 311 has logged five complaints about bikers, rollerskaters and skateboarders around the circle—last year during this time, there was one complaint, and in 2009, there were only two. So obviously this means that chaos reigns: "I'm afraid they're going to kill somebody...They're wild," said Susan Herlihy who lives nearby on West 55th Street. She told DNAInfo that she was shocked to see how bad "the problem" had grown last summer, and was concerned for this coming season. Better break out the firehoses now people, time is a'wasting!

But lest you think she is the only one who is complaining: "They really don't care who's in the way. They just don't understand they can hurt somebody," said local Eileen Spinner, who now has to endure the indignity of picking her dog up as the teens speed their way past. Skating is technically prohibited in the plaza, and there is a sign saying as much hanging from one lamp post there, but skaters feel they are unfairly under attack. "People stereotype us as smoking pot and doing graffiti...we know how to control ourselves," one 15-year-old menace to society told DNAInfo, while (most likely) combing his mohawk, rattling his wallet chain, chewing gum very hostly, and for good measure, let's say, spitting on a baby.