In his first televised interview after being elected, President-elect Donald Trump said he would immediately deport two to three million undocumented immigrants, throwing many into a tailspin of worry. Now, Columbia University has announced that it will help protect any undocumented student by calling its campus a sanctuary, and also offer them financial support.

Provost John Coatsworth has sent this email to the community:

I am writing to share information about relevant policies and our plans for ensuring that every person at Columbia feels safe, is able to proceed unimpeded with their studies and their work, and understands beyond question that Columbia’s dedication to inclusion and diversity is and will remain unwavering.

First, you should know that the University will neither allow immigration officials on our campuses without a warrant, nor share information on the immigration status of students with those officials unless required by subpoena or court order, or authorized by a student. Moreover, New York City continues to be a sanctuary city, with special protections for undocumented immigrants, and Mayor de Blasio recently affirmed that local law enforcement officials will continue to operate consistent with that commitment.

If the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) policy is terminated or substantially curtailed and students with DACA status lose the right to work, the University pledges to expand the financial aid and other support we make available to undocumented students, regardless of their immigration status. It is of the utmost importance that federal policies and laws do not derail the education of students whose enrollment at Columbia and other colleges or universities is made possible by DACA. We subscribe to the view of the Association of American Universities that “DACA should be upheld, continued and expanded,” and we will continue to express that commitment in the future.

The Columbia Spectator reports, "In addition, University President Lee Bollinger has joined over 70 college presidents to sign a letter from the Association of American Universities asking the United States to uphold DACA."

In a speech at Cooper Union yesterday, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to protect all New Yorkers from the new regime: "The results of an election don't change who we are. A single office-holder doesn't change who we are; a law that gets passed in Washington doesn't change who we are. We are 8.5 million strong, and we ain't changing. We are always New York. Somos siempre Nueva York."