A Columbia University student busted for selling cocaine last year is now going be to spending the next six months at Rikers Island. Harrison David, who was kicked out of the engineering program after his arrest, "pleaded guilty to felony criminal sale of a controlled substance" in exchange for the six month jail stint, which will amount to 3 1/2 months behind bars with good behavior and time served. His defense lawyer said, "It's not too bad. At least not for those of us who don't actually have to serve it."

David was arrested for selling undercover cops $1,300 worth of coke. When arrested, he allegedly claimed he was dealing to pay for his tuition (though his plastic surgeon father, Dr. Dave David, says he's been footing the bill). The 20-year-old also stayed in jail longer than the four other students initially arrested because he claimed his father hung up on him.

David's lawyer Matthew Myers says that after his client serves time, he'll apply to schools once again. Myers, who had hoped his client wouldn't have to do any time, pointed out that David has "blown an Ivy League education" and now has a felony drug conviction on his record.