Ooh, we love a good street con story. A bunch of people are reporting that they've been swindled by a couple around Columbia's neighborhood. The Columbia Spectator reports that the con artists are a "homeless looking couple":

Their modus operandi is simple. Walking into unsuspecting passers-by, the couple—a young man and woman—drop a plastic bag containing a glass bottle. The bottle shatters. The man angrily demands to be repaid for the contents, while the woman insults the stunned fall guy. If the “bottle job” is successful, the couple runs off with cash.

A Spectator photographer, who was a victim/mark of the scheme, was told the bottle held vitamins for the pregnant woman; he decided to pay the couple $40, and he wasn't the only one to fall for it. The police say this a common scheme, and the Spectator has seen it before, but in the form of "You Broke My Glasses." That's tough - there are scams all the time. We almost fell for the "Help me, I'm trapped here in NYC" scam at Grand Central last year ("I'm a professor visiting from Korea but I was robbed and need money to get to NJ"), but then the guy became disgusted with us when we tried to convince him to go the information desk or a consulate. And then we saw him Times Square two months later, when he asked us for money again.

Have you given money to a con artist? What are some good street scams?