A Columbia University student claims that he was roughed up by bouncers at a midtown Manhattan strip club last year, and sustained facial injuries that left him "disfigured." According to DNAInfo, Robert Demartini is suing the owner of Lace Gentlemen's Club for throwing him out of the club and punching him in the face. "They broke his nose. They disfigured him," Demartini's lawyer, Carmen S. Giordano, said. "He's required two surgeries thus far. He didn't do anything wrong."

According to the lawsuit, which was only filed this past Wednesday, the incident happened around 1 a.m. on October 8, 2011 when Demartini, his girlfriend and friends hit up the club, located at 7th Avenue near 48th Street. Demartini can't explain why the club threw him out—the only thing he's come up with is that he was paying more attention to his girlfriend than to the dancers. Maybe he was just TOO attentive a boyfriend: "I believe the owners of the club didn't like that," Giordano said. "They wanted him to spend more money because he didn't order a drink. They started harassing him."

Three bouncers suddenly threw him out of the club onto the sidewalk, and one punched him in the nose, fracturing it. "He's missed a lot of time from school as a result of this," Giordano added. It's not clear how much in damages Demartini is looking to get, and it feels as though some details are missing. If some intrepid, eager young reporter feels like going undercover to get the scoop on this Lace place, there's a coupon special for hot oil wrestling this weekend!