2007_03_cup.jpgAlmost six months after a group of Columbia students rushed the stage when Minutemen Project leader Jim Gilchrist was speaking, the university has imposed sentences against the protesting students. The Columbia Spectator reports the students received "disciplinary warnings" which will be on their transcripts until the end of 2008. Monique Dols, a General Studies student who spoke to the media last fall, said, "It's a light punishment, it's a slap on the wrist. It's a victory for free-speech and anti-racism."

Naturally, the Minutemen are upset with the light punishment, but we bet they'd accept another invitation from the College Republicans if only to make protesters even more crazy. And speaking of free speech, the College Democrats and Republicans came together with LionPAC to put a 50-foot inflatable missile on campus to encourage students to attend a panel about Iranian nuclear proliferation on Thursday. Bwog, which took the picture, deems it "salacious symbolism."

Photograph by Sara Vogel for Bwog