Dr. Dave E. David, the Boston-based "surgeon, media personality and international caregiver" and father of incarcerated Columbia kid Harrison David (who sounds like he should have been on the late Pushing Daisies), may have told the Boston Herald that he was heading down to New York to “take care of everything and be with my son” but it appears that he is holding to the tough love that the younger David was expecting as his kid is still in the Manhattan Detention Center on $50k bail. Can't say the last of Columbia's alleged drug dealers wasn't warned, though. We've tried to get a comment from Dr. David but have yet to reach him.

Back on campus, Columbia finals-swamped kids are trying to make a positive spin on the events by starting with a group called Operation Ivy League: The Legit Deal in which students will raise money selling $15 t-shirts with that slogan. Initially they are aiming to raise $11,000—get it?—which they then use to promote good causes. Perhaps they will use the money to help bail out Harrison David? It looks like some people have that idea already.

Meanwhile, the dailies have decided that Operation Ivy League means it is time to do some digging into the alarming news that (gasp!) college kids do drugs. While the News focused on the Columbia kids stashes (photo tour!) the Post was just shocked, shocked, to find out that not only do college kids often do drugs, but schools don't necessarily turn them into the authorities when they are caught. Of 129 incidents of drug usage at Columbia last year the school knew about, very few were passed on to the authorities.

Finally, Commissioner Ray Kelly talked to the Daily Beast about the bust saying that the whole thing was kicked off by an anonymous tip from "within the community."