The five Columbia students arrested early yesterday morning for allegedly running a drug ring that included everything from adderall to ecstasy went before a judge last night for their arraignment and all pled not guilty. Only the oldest, Michael Wymbs, was able to pay his bail (which ranged for the group between $30,000 and $75,000) while the rest are still in the Manhattan Detention Center.

Not incidentally, Wymbs was the only one in the gang to have a parent at the proceedings according to DNA Info (also, his lawyer previously represented... Caroline Giuliani). At least one of his buddies, Adam Klein, neglected to even tell his parents he had been locked up—the Daily News told his mom for him ("I don't know what to say," the Closter, New Jersey, woman told them. "I want to turn the clock back.").

Columbia is keeping mum on the matter, releasing a statement that "the alleged behavior of the students involved in this incident goes against not only state and federal law, but also University policy and the principles we have set - and strive together to maintain - for our community.”."

Of the group Harrison David seems to have been the center of the investigation (facebook shot of him smoking something here). "The authorities accused him of dealing with the group’s alleged off-campus suppliers, who were also charged, and he was the only student charged with selling cocaine: 20 grams, for $880, the authorities said." Both David and alleged partner Christopher Cole reportedly told officers at their arrests that they sold drugs to pay their tuition. "Why do you think I have to do this?” David asked, according to court papers. Adding, “He [his father] won’t pay my tuition.”

For those of you playing along at home, the police's raid of the students’ rooms yesterday led to the seizure of a bottle of LSD, 50 Ecstasy capsules, 15 Adderall pills, more than half a pound of marijuana and about $6,600 in cash. Which wouldn't have been enough to pay their bails anyway.

Needless to say, considering the frat connection to the story, an event scheduled for last night was canceled and the school's Inter-Greek council do not condone selling drugs.