Well this is unfortunate. Somebody has been posting "Colored Only" signs up around the SUNY New Paltz campus. One was found near a drinking fountain in the school's Humanities Building on November 8. Then after college President Donald Christian wrote a memo to the school condemning the note, three more signs appeared in the school's LeFevre Hall later in the week. Ugh. At least people weren't hanging nooses? Eh, nope. Still bad.

After the first incident, "associate Professor Major Coleman said the [Black Studies Department] didn't believe the sign was an isolated incident and that it could be used as a 'teaching moment' for the college." To that end President Christian and students are now planning a campus-wide forum to discuss the signs what they stand for. And in his most recent memo to students Christian says, "these are sobering events that should remind us all of the hard work we face in becoming the community that I believe we all aspire to be."

Meanwhile campus police say their investigation has "turned up several potentially strong leads."

SUNY New Paltz's undergraduate population is about 5 percent black according to the college's 2010 Student profile.