2006_03_johnjay.jpgIt's midterms week and you've broken out into a rash. But it's not because you're worried about your GPA - you've got bedbugs! Some poor freshmen at Columbia University are being evacuated from their rooms in John Jay Hall in order for housing services to fumigate the rooms. And not only do they have to evcuate, they need to "completely empty their rooms." The Columbia Spectator notes the craziness of the fumigation scheme, given that it is in the middle of exams, with one victim asking, "Couldn’t they fumigate over spring break, when, even if people are staying at Columbia, they won’t have academic schedules to be disrupted?” Not at Columbia - they are serious about bedbugs, for fear they might travel to other parts of John Jay and perhaps require housing services to buy new mattresses for the entire dorm! Okay, we're just guessing that, but now that we think about the mattress situation that we all go through during college-housing days, it's disgusting. Perhaps getting a vinyl zippered 16" deep mattress cover (just $12.99) from Bed Bath and Beyond would be helpful.

Gothamist on bedbugs.