Cabbies really hate the outer boroughs it seems! But they also apparently have gotten quite good at spotting the TLC's enforcement agents whose job it is to ticket them when they refuse rides. So the TLC has gotten clever and hired a bunch of college kids for $10-an-hour to catch hacks who deny service. And the results are depressing—if not surprising to anyone whose ever tried to get a ride over the river.

According to the News, "Since September, the students have hailed 1,330 cabs and were refused 361 rides, or 27% of the time. Similar undercover enforcement by TLC agents indicated drivers were breaking the go-anywhere rule just 4% of the time, authorities said."

TLC chair David Yassky, who can use some good PR what with all that stuff about taxis discriminating against the handicapped, seems pleased with the results. "Our rules are crystal clear: a taxi passenger is entitled to go to any of the five boroughs," he said. "Our enforcement initiative is designed to make sure drivers understand that there will be a penalty for refusing service."

Drivers who refuse fares face a $500 fine for their first offense, $750 for their second and a 30-day suspension if it is the second time in 24 months. If they get three offenses within 36 months they lose their license. If you are refused a ride by cab please make sure to take down the cabs medallion number and call 311 promptly! It is perfectly okay to want to go to an outer borough and there is nothing wrong with cabbing while black.