You pay through the nose for an apartment you can barely afford, with roommates you can't stand, in a neighborhood where you run home from the subway station screaming to yourself like a schizophrenic to ward off muggers, all the while dreaming of a better life in a roach-free apartment in a safer part of town. Meanwhile, 21-year-old University of Central Florida senior Adam Venckauskas clicked once to enter HGTV's "Urban Oasis giveaway" contest, and won a furnished condo at the W New York Hotel in the Financial District. And a new car. "It's perfect... Whenever I have a long weekend, I'll come up," the tall, good-looking young winner tells the Post. We sincerely hope he enjoys it, and has lots of mind-blowing sex while gazing out at the Statue of Liberty and savoring how fair and perfect life really is.