One recent college grad in The Bronx is taking the well-trodden path of looking for a paycheck from her alma mater in the face of a job market that has quickly revealed how little a bachelor's degree actually qualifies you for. Except for 27-year-old Trina Thompson, she's not simply hitting up Monroe College for her first post-collegiate job—she's suing them to get her tuition back, saying that they have not done enough to help her find work. Thompson is suing Monroe for $70,000, claiming that the staff members at their career services department "have not tried hard enough to help me" since she graduated in April with an Information Technology degree. Thompson's mother told the Post that she supports the suit. She said, "She's angry...She put all her faith in them, and so did I. They're not making an effort...We're going to be homeless, and we'll still have a student loan to pay." A spokesman for the school laughed off the lawsuit, saying it "is completely without merit" and "does not deserve further consideration."