The NYPD is combing through evidence from the apartment of one of their own in hopes of finding her killer. The body of NYPD investigator Michelle Lee, 24, was discovered by her roommate in the Sunnyside, Queens apartment. The Daily News reports that one hypothesis is that she "was knocked unconscious with the iron, bound to her bed with the cord of a cell phone charger and then stabbed in the throat with a kitchen knife." The Post adds, "Investigators found very little blood for someone who had been stabbed...[they think] the killer tied her up and burned her to make it look as if she had been tortured or was the victim of a sex crime," stabbing her as she was dying. The apartment had no signs of forced entry and police are going through her computer and cell phone records and examining her ex-boyfriends, "including one to whom she had been giving money but had recently cut off." Lee's co-workers at the crime lab are the ones who had to comb the apartment and run tests; NYPD spokesman Paul Browne told the Post that they feel it's "important that the killer be found."