As we're suckers for anything that involves silly jokes with government officials, Gothamist loves knowing that departing Secretary of State Colin Powell will drop the Times Square New Year's ball with Mayor Bloomberg. Mayor Bloomberg said, "Colin Powell is the American dream come true. He's done everything his country has ever asked." We have a feeling that when Powell pushes the button that will drop the 1000 pound Waterford crystal ball, he might be thinking, "Thank God this year is over."

The Times Square Alliance has mucho information about New Year's in Times Square. Going to Times Square is not really Gothamist's cup of tea, but there are a lot of interesting things happening, like Kathy Griffin hopefully skewering celebrities, a wrap-up of the year's events by the Fox News Channel (ha!) and Lindsay Lohan performing for MTV - plus free confetti, balloons, pom-poms, glasses, etc. from the Alliance. It's also the 100th Anniversary of Times Square, so there's a special tribute between 11:05PM and 11:10PM. Here's the schedules of events.