As you may have noticed it snowed last night. Reported amounts around the city range from six inches in Central Park to 11.6 inches in Bedford Park in the Bronx and nearly that much in eastern Queens. The skies cleared pretty quickly behind the storm so the big weather issue today is the cold and wind. With temperatures remaining in the mid-teens and a 15-20 mph northwest gusts the wind chill will remain below zero all day. Do bundle up if you go out sledding or cronutting.

Clear skies, snow-covered ground, diminishing winds and a polar air mass all add up to a very cold night tonight. The National Weather Service is calling for a low of one degree above zero. The last time it was that cold was on January 16th, 2004. By tomorrow afternoon, however, the temperature should rebound to the upper 20s as this cold air mass gets pushed away as yet another cold front begins to approach from the Midwest.

As the next storm draws closer it will pull warm southern air our way. Temperatures are expected to rise through the night on Saturday before reaching the lower to mid 40s on Sunday. The warm air may be accompanied by some combination of rain, freezing rain or snow, but the precipitation isn't expected to amount to much. After another warmish, wettish day on Monday it's another quick dip into the freezer. Tuesday's high might not make it out of the tweens.