valdayl_storm_accuwx.jpgThis year is starting out as a year of streaks. A 38 day run of warmer than average weather that began in December and lasted half-way through January started off the year. Now we're up to ten straight days of below normal temperatures. The cool streak looks like it will last at least another week. But you, dear Gothamist readers, aren't interested in that are you? You want to know if we are going to get a snowstorm aren't you? So are we!

As of this afternoon there is a front stretching from the Carolinas back to the Texas Panhandle. That front separates warm gulf air to the south from cold arctic air to the north. By Tuesday night that boundary, and a storm will be upon us. The type of precipitation that falls tomorrow night through Wednesday depends on the location of the front. The current thinking is that snow will start late tomorrow afternoon and continue into the night. This will probably result in an inch or two of snow by Wednesday morning.

The snow is expected to change to sleet and rain as warm air arrives after the Wednesday morning rush hour. The warm air will only be here a few hours before the storm moves out to sea. The rain will turn back to snow Wednesday evening, but little accumulation is currently expected.

The warm air doesn't look like it will push too far north of the city. Locations from Orange and Dutchess Counties northward could see 7-12 inches of snow. Since the city is right on the rain/snow boundary a slight shift in the storm's expected location could drastically alter the forecast. Stay tuned!

After this coming storm the remainder of the week is looking cold and dry.

Valentine's Day storm graphic from