Did everybody enjoy yesterday's record-breaking snow storm? The 0.9 inches of snow measured in Islip was more than 900% greater than their previous record of a trace of snow back in 2010. JFK at 2.0 inches quintupled their old record set in 1961, and Central Park bested the 1932 extreme of 1.3 inches by 0.1".

A passing cold front chased away the snow yesterday afternoon and another front this evening will keep us cold for a few days. We might get up to the freezing mark today but Thursday and Friday will do no better than the upper 20s for a high and low 20s for a low, with a good breeze it will feel much cooler than than, especially tomorrow night when the wind chill might dip into the lower teens or even single digits.

An Arctic front is expected to arrive on Friday for a refreshing reinforcement of cold air. Where that Arctic air mass winds up on Saturday is going to determine how much snow will drop as a low pressure system moves up the coast. The forecast is very uncertain at present, with AccuWeather saying the snow will stay to our north, the National Weather Service thinking the snow will hit us, and the Weather Channel splitting the difference. If the Weather Service is right we could be in for quite a snowy and windy period from Saturday afternoon until Sunday afternoon.