wxch_sfc040208.jpgLast night's squall line dumped a quarter inch of rain in just a few minutes. More importantly, the passage of the cold front seems to signal a change in circulation patterns. The cool weather that has predominated the past couple of weeks is nowhere to be seen in the extended forecast. Today won't feel very warm because of the strong wind, but the high should reach a sunny 56. More sun is in store for tomorrow and it may be a couple degrees warmer.

The next chance for rain is early Friday morning, when a warm front begins to encroach on the high pressure system bringing the clear skies. The rain will keep temperatures down to the low-50s. Once the front moves through warmth will return. Saturday is looking a little cloudy and rainy with a high near 60. Sunday is a sunny and warm keeper.

Thanks to a warmer than expected day on Monday the average temperature for March turned out to be above normal by whopping tenth of a degree. The only snow that fell last month was a trace on the first. Less than a foot of snow fell last winter, making that the 15th least snowy season on record. April snow does happen. Four inches fell in 2002, and nearly ten inches fell twenty years before that. Only twice since records began in 1868 has more than ten inches of snow fallen in April -10.2 inches in 1915 and 13.5 inches in the snowy winter of 1874-1875.
This morning's surface weather map from weather.com