In a bit of PR for Con Ed, the Post reports that the cold weather we've been having this week has meant higher than ever electricity demand during the winter months. On Monday, the electricity use peaked at 8,962 watts; to put this into perspective, about 12,000 watts is demanded on a hot summer night. So, in this instance, Con Ed was able to say they were able to meet demand, but this has spurred our overactive imagination: Will we be expecting brownouts in the winter? Should we have makeshift bonfires when our space heaters go out? Will it be like The Day After Tomorrow? You may scoff now, but if a tree falls and then people in Ohio and NY are asleep at the wheel again, it might be August 14, 2003 all over again, but with more clothes and more frostbite, which means less sexy.

Photo of a glittering city buildings from Keith Kin Yan's overshadowed.