temps_wxch_0207.jpgThe cold wave continues! In response to the cold, which is expected to last several more days, the city has opened nine temporary warming centers and the Department of Homeless Services has doubled their outreach to the homeless in each of the boroughs. In addition the DHS has expanded their Cold Weather Emergency Procedure to operate 24 hours a day while temperatures remain below freezing.

If you do not have adequate heat or hot water and your building owner, manager or super has not corrected the problem call 311 to get the Department of Housing Preservation and Development on the case.

The worst of the cold air is out of here. That doesn't mean it is going to be warm anytime soon, just that we've bottomed out on the cold. Today will be much like yesterday, with a high in the mid-20s. Tomorrow into the early part of next week will see highs within a couple degrees of 30 and lows in the teens to around 20 degrees.

We said on Monday that there was no chance of precipitation this week. That can be interpreted as saying we have no idea why there was a dusting of snow last night. We do know that arctic air passing over the relative warm water of Lakes Erie and Ontario are producing prodigious amounts of snow upstate. Gothamist's home town has received five feet of powdery goodness since Sunday, with another two feet or more by Friday! Our father, who is probably out shoveling snow, could not be reached for colorful, expletive-filled comment this morning.

Morning temperature map from weather.com.