The temperature dipped below freezing sometime around 11 o'clock last night. First time that's happened since March 22nd. That's also about a week earlier than the median first freeze date for the past few decades. To top off the cold weather portion of the forecast the record cold high for this date is 39 degrees, which is about where today's high should wind up under sunny skies.

The high pressure system bringing the cold weather is currently centered over Arkansas. The high will drift eastward for the next several days, bringing warmer weather each day. Tomorrow's high should reach the lower 50s, Friday the mid 50s, and Saturday the upper 50s.

We could see 60 degrees on Sunday but it will come at a cost. The departing high pressure system looks like it will drag a fair bit of moisture up from the Gulf of Mexico. Sunday is likely to be overcast with some chance of rain later in the day. Enough water vapor will be in the air by Monday to provide a decent amount of rain, but the jury is still out on whether or not there will be enough lift to wrench that water out of the air. Monday's high might reach the lower 60s.