The temperature tide may turn today. It's been colder than average for sixteen straight days now. This morning's low was three degrees above normal so today's high only has to reach 38 for our first warmer-than-normal day since December 12th. Will it happen? It will be tough. When there's snow on the ground the sun's energy goes toward melting the snow rather than warming the ground but a couple hours of sunshine this afternoon will push the mercury up to near 38.

If the warm weather doesn't get here today it will definitely be here by the end of the week. After a cold night tonight a mild high pressure system will slowly move eastward. Tomorrow's high will again be in the upper 30s. By Friday we should reach the lower 40s. Mid 40s are likely on New Year's Day.

The next chance of precipitation will be late Saturday night or Sunday. It doesn't look like much of a storm and any precipitation should be as rain not snow. Following the weekend storm temperatures are expected to fall back to the mid and upper 30s.