Welcome to slacker weather Wednesday. A bit of humidity in the slightly unstable air and a storm off the coast that's not trying too much to be a storm are all combining to produce a cloudy, drizzly start to the day. As the drizzle lets up this afternoon we may warm to the mid 60s. Then the cold front arrives.

This evening's cold front is definitely not a slacker. Sometime before midnight that thing is going to whoosh through here and clear out all the moisture. Thursday is going to start off cool and stay cool with a low in the upper 40s and a high in the upper 50s. It won't feel like the upper 50s because a northwest wind will be blowing at a good 15-20 mph with higher gusts.

Friday will start off dry but clouds will build during the day as another cold front approaches. Rain should stay north of the city. Saturday is looking sunny with a high somewhere in the 55-60 degree range. Low pressure way to the west looks like it will bring us a cloudy and warm Sunday. Why, we may even hit 70 degrees again.