While August was the rainiest month ever, last month's temperature wasn't nearly as extreme. The average temperature for the month was a measly 0.1 degrees warmer than normal. Still, that's enough to make August the fifth consecutive month with an above average temperature. Depending on how fast the clouds arrive this afternoon that barely above average pace may or may not continue today. If the clouds hold off a while we should reach the lower 80s, but it's looking more and more like the upper 70s.

The outlook for the Labor Day weekend is a mixed bag. A cold front currently draping the Great Lakes is headed this way but it looks like the front is not in a hurry. That means a build up of humidity and a gradually increasing likelihood of showers or thunderstorms as the weekend progresses. Tomorrow is looking like the driest day of the weekend, with a high in the lower 80s and just a slight chance of showers. A little more heat and humidity, and thus rain, is expected on Sunday. The best chance of showers will be Sunday night into Monday. With heavy cloud cover Monday's high will stay in the 70s.

Looking south, there's a couple of tropical cyclones to keep an eye on. Near the Gulf Coast there's a tropical depression that will likely be Tropical Storm Lee later today. That system is just kind of meandering so it has the potential to dump craploads of rain on Louisiana over the weekend. It is too soon to tell how that storm will interact with the cold front approaching us, but the front can make for an efficient way to channel tropical moisture up this way. Out in the Atlantic, Hurricane Katia is expected to strengthen but will probably get caught in the Westerlies before it can reach land.