Looking at the hourly observations in Central Park it appears that the cold front passed through the city between four and six this morning, but that it took until almost ten a.m. for the cool Canadian air mass behind the front to arrive. You don't need to look at a website to know that we've now got a healthy north wind. The dew point has also dropped considerably, which means that after an afternoon high in the mid 50s we'll see a chilly night tonight. Look for the temperature across the city to be in the upper 30s tomorrow morning.

Saturday's high will only be a bit above 50 degrees under crystal clear skies and a slight breeze. Marathon participants and spectators alike will see the temperature climb from the low 40s on Sunday morning to at least the mid 50s by the afternoon as a warming trend begins. Monday's high will be in the lower 60s and Tuesday may reach 65 or so. Both days will see plenty of sun as this high pressure is expected to stick around through mid-week.

Don't forget that Daylight Saving Time ends early Sunday morning. Turn those clocks back!