snow_neene_1207.jpgDecember is off to a chilly start. Every day so far this month has been cooler than normal. Yesterday's 14 degrees below normal was the nadir of this current cold spell. Today will be slightly warmer and tomorrow will be slightly more warmer yet again.

The minor warming may be accompanied by a bit of light rain as an upper level disturbance runs through the region this afternoon. As it cools tonight the rain may turn into a rain/snow mix. We don't expect the precipitation to amount to much as there just isn't all that moisture in the air. Skies should clear by tomorrow afternoon as the upper level disturbance leaves the area. Saturday's high will be in the mid-40s.

Gothamist doesn't care what the weather will be like after Sunday morning as we'll be out of town for a week. The Weather Channel has it looking much like today, while the Weather Service is calling for a wetter day. They are also thinking that there could be an ugly rain/sleet/freezing rain mix late Sunday night.

Do you like the weather? Are you normally awake between 6-9 a.m.? Do you have a rain gauge, ruler or yardstick? If you answered yes to all three of those questions you have what it takes to be a CoCoRaHS observer! CoCoRaHS is the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail and Snow Network. They are looking for volunteer weather observers. Finding a proper location in the city to make weather observations is challenging, but the actual taking of measurements is pretty easy.

snow by …neene… on Flickr via Gothamist Contribute.