If there's one thing that teaches children a lesson when they misbehave in class, it's keeping them at home from school. And the ones that need to learn this lesson the most? Kindergartners. According to data [Excel] compiled by the Post, PS 212 in Brooklyn suspended wee ones 13 times last school year, followed by 12 at PS 13 in Staten Island and 10 in PS 115 in Brooklyn. While we're unaware of the specific reasons as to why they were suspended, one source inside the classroom tells us, "I like to play with the ambulance. It goes WEEEOOOWWEEEOOO."

"It's troubling, because a lot of these kids are being suspended for behaviors that could be dealt with in a more constructive fashion," the executive director of Advocates for Children tells the paper. "We think suspension is very much a last resort because it removes the child from the classroom and it doesn't teach them appropriate behavior." Maybe, but sometime after the sixth or seventh episode of Dora the Explorer, and their third juice box, these kids may truly understand remorse.

Suspensions have continued to rise overall by 2.4% last year to 73,441, and perhaps most troubling, special education students, who make up 16% of the city's public school student body, represented 31% of the suspensions. "We would like to see the suspension numbers come down and want to dig in to the data where we see big disparities in race and ethnicity," chancellor Dennis Walcott said, perhaps referring to the fact that black students made up more than half of school suspensions but represent just a third of the student body.

In any event, can we agree that suspending a kindergarten does absolutely nothing? At least take away their car or cell phone.