An early morning cold front put an end to yesterday's brief warm spell. Today's high of 43 degrees happened around six this morning. For the rest of the day we can expect clear skies, a brisk westerly wind, and temperatures slowly falling into the mid 30s by evening.

If you think this afternoon is brisk just wait until tomorrow! A second cold front, this time an Arctic front, will whoosh through the city around midnight. Behind the front is a strong westerly wind and plenty of cold air. Look for a low in the mid 20s and a high not much warmer than that. Winds at 25-30 mph will make it feel much colder. The chill will relax a bit on Wednesday as the wind diminishes.

The situation is still a bit unclear but it does seem like 2009 will end with a few flurries and 2010 will begin with a mix of rain and snow. As of now it doesn't appear that the snow will amount to much.