092508stewart-colber-cover_l.jpgRemember that New Yorker cover satirizing right wing scaremongering about Barack Obama and his wife Michelle? It was a big deal for a couple days over the summer, way back during those Halcyon days before the economic collapse drove us out here to these abandoned condos on the West Side where we survive on acid rain water and squab. Oh, right, that has happened (yet). In the meantime, let's have a laugh with the new cover of Entertainment Weekly, which features Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart recreating that controversial illustration.

Inside the issue you'll find an interview with Colbert and Stewart, who rips on the MSM's coverage of the financial crisis: "We've got three financial networks on all day. The bottom falls out of the credit market, and they were all running around. On CNBC I saw a guy talking to eight people in [eight different onscreen] boxes, and they were all like, 'I don't know!' It'd be like if Hurricane Ike hit, and you put on the Weather Channel, and they were yelling, 'I don't know what the f--- is going on! I'm getting wet and it's windy and I don't know why and it's making me sad! Maybe the president could come down and put up some sort of windscreen?' By being on 24 hours a day, you begin to not be able to tell what's salient anymore."