Cocaine and fabulous vacations! It's not the kind of glamour we were expecting from the boss of the NYC carpenter's union, but hey, once you've tired of your mob connections and racketeering sprees, there's nowhere to go but up the sleaze-glitz ladder, right? According to the Post, union boss Michael Forde faces sentencing this afternoon after being busted for blowing upwards of $196,000 of union funds on snow, expensive airfare, and several steak dinners.

Right beside Forde at those dinners, and in first-class airplane seats, and on the union payroll, was Joseph Wing, Forde's coke dealer. Forde placed Wing on the payroll under the heading 'assistant director of the union's training school,' a position from which he was fired after failing to show up to a drug test in 2009, Daily News reports.

The union, which has a rich and colorful history of "mob influence, labor racketeering and bribery," publicly endorsed Bloomberg's run for reelection in 2009. Six weeks after a video of Forde hugging the mayor was up on Bloomberg's campaign site (and has since been taken down), Forde and 9 other union men were indicted for on 29 counts of corruption, including hiring illegal immigrants and stealing union money, according to the Times.

At the time of his original arrest in 2009, Forde had both pot and cocaine coursing through his system, and told the court that he was "recovering from a booze and drug problem." His little problem was widely known within the union. Subtlety was not ever really part of his agenda; he and his dealer-pal were "notorious for drug-fueled parties at the Hudson St. headquarters." Forde made $273,000 in salary last year. Despite the litany of convictions, and regardless of his sentencing this afternoon, the Daily News says he will get a union pension of $128,000 a year, at least.