Drug Enforcement Administration officials have seized a 100-foot stealth submarine in Ecuador, and though it was carrying 10-12 tons of cocaine, they're really impressed! Jay Bergman, Andean regional director for the DEA, told the AP, "It is the first fully functional, completely submersible submarine for transoceanic voyages that we have ever found..."this is in a new maritime drug-trafficking class of its own." It even had air conditioning!

Officials found the sub on Friday, docked at a shipyard with living quarters for at least 50 people, several miles from the Colombian border. The camouflage-painted, fully submersible vessel was set to make its first voyage on Friday. In the next few days, engineers will be taking it apart to investigate. Bergman said, "A lot of thought, a lot of resources, went into this."

In other cocaine-smuggling news: even drug dealers are getting into the World Cup spirit! Airport officials in Colombia seized a 14-inch replica of the World Cup trophy made of 24 pounds of cocaine. It was painted green and gold and set to be shipped to Madrid, presumably in time for everyone to party at semi-finals game.