2006_07_cokepepsi.jpgIt's cola craziness! Federal agents have busted three people, including one Bronx man, for trying to sell Coke's secrets to Pepsi. Ibrahim Dimson of the Bronx, along with two residents in Coca-Cola's homestate, Georgia, were charged with "wire fraud and unlawfully stealing and selling trade secrets." The Daily News reports that Dimson sent a letter to Pepsi offering "very detailed and confidential information" about a new Coke product. Not realizing that colas collude a little, Pepsi let Coke know and the feds got involved. Joya Williams, who worked for Coke executives, was recorded stealing documents and a sample of the new product, while the three would-be corporate thieves asked for cash in a yellow Girl Scout cookie box. Wow - there are so many uses for Lemon Pastry Creme Cookies!

Pepsi said, "Competition can sometimes be fierce, but also must be fair and legal. We're pleased the authorities and the FBI have identified the people responsible for this."