As we enter Day Whatever of this non-applicator tampon drought, things are turning ugly. According to the Daily News there are bidding wars on eBay, turning o.b. brand loyalists against each other. As we noted yesterday, Johnson & Johnson had a "temporary supply interruption" (whatever that means) which has led to their product being out of stock in many places... though we found a few boxes at Bridge Apothecary in DUMBO this week.

Currently there are 278 auctions on eBay, some with starting prices of $45 for one (40-count) box... albeit these are for the "NEW" and "unopened" boxes! However, has 40-count boxes for just $6.99 each (also, presumably, new and unopened boxes). That hot tip comes from Penthouse editor Barbara Rice, who Tweeted, "Still no OB tampons in stores, so I just ordered many boxes from This might get me through till menopause!"

Johnson & Johnson still hasn't elaborated, and are saying to expect the product back on shelves "soon" (which they've been saying for months now). Over at Bridge Apothecary, the tampons are "on back order... the problem will be all corrected soon hopefully." But is there really a problem? We've spotted them in several places in the city. Homework assignment: send us photos of your drugstores o.b. tampon section (be it empty or full). Yes, for real—maybe this is all some marketing scheme to counter the bad press Johnson & Johnson has been having!