A JetBlue flight from John F. Kennedy Airport to Buffalo was forced to make an emergency landing at JFK shortly after take-off, thanks to an "odor" in the cockpit.

JetBlue flight 2802 took off at 6:48 a.m. as scheduled, then landed back on the tarmac a few minutes later after the crew reported fumes in the cockpit.

There were no injuries, and crew and passengers deplaned safely. According to JetBlue's flight tracker, the flight arrived in Buffalo at 10:39 a.m., about three hours later than scheduled.

"JetBlue flight 2802 from JFK to Buffalo completed an air return shortly after takeoff following reports of an odor in the cabin of the Embraer 190. The flight landed safely, and customers were accommodated on another aircraft," JetBlue told Gothamist in a statement.

A spokesperson with the FAA says the incident is under investigation.