The family that cockfights together goes to jail together? New York State Police, after an investigation that involved The Humane Society of the United States, yesterday arrested four members of the Harvey family of Bleecker, NY, for possessing 70 roosters used for cockfighting. And while they were on the family's grounds looking for birds they also happend to find 40 pounds of marijuana, 12 illegal firearms, fighting spurs and thousands of dollars in cash.

Wayne D. Harvey Sr., 61, and his son Wayne A. Harvey Jr., 41, now both face felony charges of permitting animal fighting along with weapons and drug charges. Harvey Jr., also faces misdemeanor charges of possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. At the same time Wayne J. Harvey, 19, was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon and unlawful possession of marijuana and Arthur J. Harvey, 66, was charged with misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon by a convicted felon and unlawful possession of marijuana.

"With this investigation, it also goes to show how one particular crime can be engaged in and it may spawn other crimes," said Captain Steven James of the New York State Police. "Particularly with the marijuana trade. It is believed the raising of the fowl supplemented the marijuana sale."

Wayne D. Harvey Sr. and Wayne A. Harvey Jr. were arraigned before a judge and were remanded to Fulton County Jail in lieu of bail. The rescued animals were turned over to the Humane Society which has put a temporary shelter in an undisclosed location as evidence under New York State Police custody. The Society explained to us the rationale behind the temporary shelter as a preventative measure. Animal shelters have been burglarized by animal fighters in the past who were hoping to retrieve their “prized” fighting animals. Curious what these birds looklike? You can see pictures of the roosters saved from the raid here. No word on what authorities did with all that weed.