We already knew that theNYPD was watching out for cokeheads around Zuccotti Park ever since Occupy Wall Street took up residency there. But last night, it seems things got a little out of control when one teen went around trying to sell baggies of coke to protesters—and ended up allegedly punching three protesters, including two women.

Cops arrested 19-year-old Brooklyn resident Garfield Leslie last night, and charged him with felony assault, misdemeanor assault and drug possession. Witnesses say that Garfield was wandering around the park around 8 p.m. trying to sell small baggies of coke to people in different tents. According to the Post, Leslie punched a woman several times, then fought with a man who intervened. When another woman tried to stop the fighting, Leslie allegedly hit her so hard in the chest she fell to the ground and injured her wrist.

The protesters found cops and told them what happened; they allegedly caught Leslie soon after still in the park, still trying to sell his baggies of coke. Leslie was arrested four other times this summer, most of which were for coke-related offenses: one time for selling narcotics on a platform inside the West 4th Street subway station; another time he cursed out a police officer who then found marijuana pipes and 38 baggies of cocaine on him; Four day later, he was handcuffed again after cops found him allegedly passed out on milk crates in Union Square; and cops found more coke on him when he was busted for illegally passing between subway cars.

Suffice to say, if we were him, we might be a bit worried about our skin.