After getting over 28,000 submissions for names, the Bronx Zoo and the Daily News have narrowed the competition to name the Bronx Zoo's formerly-escaped Egyptian cobra down to five names. The good news is Wanda didn't wind up in the mix, but the bad news is that nobody went for Hissni Mubarak. Here are your choices:

Cleopatra - the last pharaoh of Ancient Egypt; supposedly killed herself by means of an Egyptian cobra bite

MIA - stands for "missing in action" but will be pronounced "Me-ah"

Subira - the Egyptian word for "patience"

Amunet - A goddess in Ancient Egyptian religion; meaning "the female hidden one"

Agnes - Greek for pure or holy, also a reference to St. Agnes

Sorry, no Dion Dimucci references here! You can vote at the Daily News or the Bronx Zoo for your favorite until Wednesday at midnight, and the winner will be announced on Thursday. At press time, 55 percent of Daily News readers like MIA, followed by 23 percent for Cleopatra (which is so cliche).