Yes, cobblers still exist! No, they won't for much longer! It's just so much easier to buy a stylish new pair of shoes than it is to get your old ones repaired. That trend, plus skyrocketing rents, means that lifelong cobbler—sounds like something out of the last century right?—Michael Dadidov will close his shoe repair store in Carroll Gardens, according to Pardon Me For Asking. Last August, way before news that he was closing up shop became official, Dadidov told us his story:

His store isn't modern and sexy. The grayish blue walls are lined with white socks made in the USA and cobbler paraphernalia, like shoe polish. But Michael Dadidov can fix a mean pair of ballet slippers in a few seconds flat. And when you're a regular, the little fixes are often on the house. When his lease ends in November 2012, rent will double from $2,700 to $5,400 a month, according to Pardon Me For Asking.

Back in August Davidov was already talking about a rent increase and knew it was just a matter of time before he couldn't afford to stay. Next time you buy a cheap pair of tennies, think twice and get your old ones repaired. You probably won't help keep Dadidov in business, but you might at least stop in and say goodbye to an old neighborhood fixture, before it becomes another Verizon Wireless outlet.