This is probably something to keep in mind any time you're in a body of water, but the U.S. Coast Guard has now put out an official warning for the entire Northeast to watch out for sharks this weekend. According to Fox5, authorities have confirmed the presence of great whites (specifically off the coast of Massachusetts—though we all know they're lurking around out there in New York, too).

Al Johnson of the Coast Guard says: "Predation is not generally a concern for boaters and paddlers in Northeast waters. But I have no doubt that a great white shark that swims into your comfort zone would surely find a splashing paddle or dangling hand inviting. I also expect that same passing shark would spend little time differentiating between boater, paddler and prey." These sharks can even capsize smaller boats... and kayakers (or those riding banana boats!) would be especially screwed.

Sharks are attracted to areas with growing seal populations—and there have been a lot of seal spottings this year (especially off Staten Island). You've been warned. Now, a little clip from the best summer movie of all time: