A former employee at Coach's flagship Manhattan store is suing the company and his former boss, who he says subjected him to an endless litany of juvenile double entendres and sexual harassment. Oscar Bravo, a former stockroom clerk at the Madison Avenue store, also claims upper management ignored his repeated complaints about supervisor Brandon Williams. Bravo says the annoying behavior included come-ons from Williams to look at his "weiner" on days he brought his pet dachsund to work. "He would say, 'Ok, I have a big weiner, you wanna come see my weiner?'," Oscar Bravo tells the Daily News. "I would say, 'Get the hell out of here, nobody wants to see that.'"

Williams comes off as a gay version of Michael Scott from The Office in the lawsuit, and is accused of doing other inappropriate things like donning a Coach woman's bikini and sticking his finger in Bravo's ear after he licked it. Another time he allegedly tugged at the strings of Bravo's apron and panted, "I am undressing you, did you like that?" Informed about the lawsuit by a reporter, Williams only response was, "Interesting."

Bravo finally quit after two years spent fending off Williams's alleged advances, and he'd also like everyone to know something else: "I'm not gay. I don't know why he would have any reason to assume I was interested." Well, Bravo did give Williams a Hershey's Kiss on one occasion, so can he really blame the allegedly lecherous supervisor for hugging him from behind, tickling him and "gleefully" cooing, "Oh you gave me a kiss!"? Mixed messages, honey!