This week, we learned way too much about Tony, the Q69 bus driver who has been the subject of a very public flyer campaign against him for more than a year. Apparently, Tony is a "flirt with all the women every day" who had a "One Night Stand" with a passenger—the scorned woman claims he got her with this pickup line: “I won’t forget your famous line, ‘Married men are lonely, too.’” Tony's coworkers have some advice for him: “She seems like a woman scorned,” one told the Post, “but if Tony is still working that line, he’s crazier than she is.”

The woman is especially enraged that Tony now rides around with a "desperate slut," who appears to have begun a counter-campaign defending Tony by writing on the posters. No one knows (or will admit) the identity of the woman, but MTA agents say that new flyers appear as quickly as the old ones are removed. Either way, Tony continues to work the Q69 route—one co-worker said Tony refused to change because he denied have had an affair, though he admitted exchanging numbers with the woman: “He said, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong,’ ” the driver told The Post.

Tony has reported the flyer campaign to the 114th Precinct, and the scorned woman has reported his alleged behavior to the MTA, though it appears nothing has happened in either case. MTA spokespeople have said there's no validity to the complaints, as far as they know. But if either party is interested in setting the record straight, we would love to speak to you.